Matt Summerfield

Matt Summerfield is the Senior Pastor of Zeo Church. From 2000 to 2018 Matt served as CEO and, more recently, President at the youth and children’s missionary movement, Urban Saints. Before that he worked for the mobile phone company, Everything Everywhere (when it used to be called One2One), for nearly ten years as an IT Manager.

Matt is passionate about releasing potential in people, teams and organisations, with a particular bias towards seeing children and young people live God’s great adventure for their lives (hence still being a volunteer youth leader in his local church).

He is the founder of – a simple idea to encourage and equip people to embrace intentional, accountable disciple-making relationships.

Matt is a popular speaker and has written a number of books including ‘Don’t Make History, Change The future’, ’42’ and ‘R12 Living’.

Married to Amy, he has two sons, Andy and Dan – and loves meaty pizzas, Belgian Chocolate Haagen Daaz and great movies!

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