Navigate is a series of seminars run by Matt and Kate specifically designed for those supporting young people – parents, teachers, youth workers etc.

Whilst the content of each evening has a particular focus on helping teenagers and young people navigate the journey from childhood to adulthood, many of the principles shared will be helpful to people of all ages.

Navigate is made up of 6 sessions designed to be run as a series – although they would work well as one off events. The final session allows those who have attended previous sessions to have their own questions asked or request topics to be covered.

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Navigate Sessions

1 - Handling challenging emotions

  • What IS the point of emotions, and would we be better off without some of them?
  • When and why do certain emotions cause problems?
  • Why do so many teenagers seem to struggle with emotions like anxiety and anger – and how can we help them?

2 - Parenting and the teenage brain

  • What is going on in the teenage brain and how can that help us understand some of why they act the way they do?
  • How do teenagers experience the world differently from adults?
  • How do we help out teens navigate what can be a very stormy time?
  • PLUS some general helpful tips and encouragements in parenting

3 - Stress, rest and sleep

  • What is stress – and why are teens and young people in particular so stressed out?
  • How can we manage stress better – particularly when in challenging times like periods of exams?
  • How can understanding stress better help our resilience?

4 - Social media, porn and the online world

  • What’s great about our new mobile Social Media world and how do we get the best of it?
  • Where are the risks and how do we avoid them?
  • How is porn re-wiring everything and what can we do about it?

5 - Building Confidence and self-esteem

  • What exactly IS confidence, and what determines how confident we are?
  • Are confident people born or made?
  • How do you GROW your confidence if you know it is limiting your potential?

6 - Your questions asked

  • A change to ask the navigate team your own burning questions about life, teenagers and the brain!
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