Thrive is a series of 6 sessions run by Kate looking at common challenges of 21st century life and offering simple, practical advice to overcome them. Every Thrive session offers practical advice and tips demystifying common topics and helping you make small changes that can make a big difference.

Thrive is aimed at anyone trying to get the best out of life, and all sessions can be run for secular audiences, or with more biblical content. Thrive sessions can be run as seminars or for a larger audience, and can be one off events, or several run as a series.

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Managing Difficult Emotions

Our emotions are part of the amazing design of our brains – but some days it can feel like we’d be better off without them. What are emotions really for, and how can understand why they can cause problems help us to deal with them better?


Stress is a reality whoever you are and whatever life looks like – but how do you manage it when you can’t avoid it? How do you de-stress when you can’t (or don’t want to) do less? And how do you deal with burnout if you know you are at risk?


Anxiety is a vital human emotions – but it is also the emotion that causes the most problems, and one which many people struggle with. So how do we manage anxiety without become afraid of fear itself – and how can better understanding of panic and fear help us get back in control?


Confidence is vital to grow and flourish as a human – but what do you do if yours just isn’t great? How can we grow our confidence so it is good enough to give us the courage to try new things and reach our potential?


Resilience is the buzz word of our culture, and gives us the strength to overcome challenges and manage the more difficult things life throws at us. But what is it? And how does the way we respond to life’s storms help us to still be standing when they have passed?


Insomnia and problems sleeping are one of the growing challenges of our 24/7 world. Most of us have struggled to sleep at some time. But what do you do when occasional becomes more frequent? How do you get to sleep when your brain seems determined to work against you?

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